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periodic table atoms database csv sql and xml

Chemist friends, you often need to use data from the Period of Elements table, also called the Mendeleev table. But it is constraining to search on Google each time a value is necessary (density, radius of covalency, melting point…). This small article proposes to download the 118 atoms of this table with the data with their associated data. If you are a chemist you will surely find daily use in all of this data.

This database is provided free of charge by the site.

Periodic table of elements

Periodic table of elements

The table available for download contains the following data:

  • All atoms from hydrogen to ununoctium
  • Electron by energy level
  • Symbol
  • Group, period and block
  • Volumic mass
  • CAS number
  • EINECS number
  • Atomic mass
  • Atomic radius
  • Covalent radius
  • Radius of van der waals
  • Electronic configuration
  • Oxidation state
  • Year of discovery
  • Name (s) associated with the discovery
  • Land of discovery
  • Electronegativity
  • Fusion point
  • Boiling point
  • Radioactive or not

To note : this database is based in particular on data collected on Wikipedia.


The database is available in several formats:

Important: do not hesitate to complete the table with the information which seems appropriate to you and to return it for the benefit of everyone.

You can benefit from a premium version of this list of atoms, in order to get more information and to support data updates.

Premium table of the list of atoms (SQL, CSV and XML)