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Technical test on SQL before a Recruitment

checklist stylo 500x300 - Technical test on SQL before a Recruitment

Before recruiting a candidate who will have to use SQL language in his work, it is very important to test his technical knowledge, to check his level and ensure that he is competent. “Academic” results are not necessarily representative of the quality of a developer when it comes to coding. offers you a technical test, which not only checks whether a candidate knows a particular acronym, but checks his technical skills in situations he may encounter in a professional context.

The MCQ presents a list of questions about SQL

What is it about ?

This technical test is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) which tests skills on SQL language and Database Management Systems (DBMS). The test has 21 questions, which deal with subjects such as: SQL functions, joins, sub-queries…

The questions are generally adapted to any DBMS, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server….

Questions have their corrections to be able to assign a technical score.

Who is the technical test for?

The quiz is intended for the following profiles:

  • The recruiters to assess the technical skills of a candidate (developer, programmer, database administrator, etc.)
  • The candidates to train before a recruitment interview
  • The students to check their technical skills or use them as practical exercises
  • The employees to make sure they are always up to date with SQL language
  • The curious to test their knowledge


The 13-page MCQ contains an instruction sheet, the list of questions as well as the list of detailed and explained answers.

Download the technical quiz on SQL language


The content of this MCQ is the exclusive property of its author. The content may not be taken back, resold or redistributed by any means whatsoever without the prior consent of its author.

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