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Database of French departments (SQL, CSV, XML)

departements de france 500 - Database of French departments (SQL, CSV, XML)

It can be useful in an IT project to have a list of French departments. This article presents the list of 101 French departments, including the DOM-TOM.

Database of French departments

Contents of the list

The departments SQL database contains the following data:

  • Department code
  • Department name
  • Department name in uppercase
  • Department name purified to be used in a URL
  • SOUNDEX () value of the department name. Useful so that users can find a department even if there has been a mispronunciation


A department database can be useful for web projects, mobile projects or any other IT application. Here is a small list of application ideas:

  • Associate the department with any French city (see the list of cities in France)
  • Associate the name of the departments with an SVG, Flash, jQuery map, etc.
  • To be able to classify the customers or users of an application by department