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Disposable email database (SQL, CSV and XML)

email anti spam 441px - Disposable email database (SQL, CSV and XML)

To avoid spam there are sites that allow you to temporarily obtain a disposable email address. These sites, such as Yopmail, Disposable.org, Guerillamail, Incognitomail, Spambox or Trashmail are convenient for users but it’s less fun when you’re on the other side and trying to provide a quality. It is therefore interesting to be able to recognize if an email address is real or if it is a disposable email.

This article offers a free database of over 300 disposable email services.

Avoid temporary emails


The table contains the list of domain names for disposable email services. This can be useful in several cases:

  • Prevent website registration for users who provide disposable email
  • Filter disposable emails during an email address export
  • Avoid sending an email if it is a temporary email (saving server resources, improving performance, saving money if there is a charge for sending emails, etc.)
  • Asking to rate an email database before buying it

Note: feel free to add a comment to suggest other use cases.